Do you want to know how to belly dance? Belly dancing regularly is a fitness program that stimulates the fat burning button for your metabolism. Belly dance is excellent for women who are looking for a more exotic method of exercise, who want to learn new ways to move and express themselves, and those looking for an exercise regimen that focuses on mind-body-spirit integration through dance. The word ‘belly dance’, is a western name for an Arabic style of dancing. In Arabic countries it is simply called ‘oriental dance’ and some American enthusiasts call it ‘Middle Eastern Dance’.

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Belly dancing brought to America an alternative way to meditating, a way to connect mind and spirit in order to achieve something and in this case its belly dancing. It is a very difficult intrinsic dance with very slow and purposeful moves that are difficult to hold and control. The dance itself was used in the ancient times for a sympathetic way to help a fellow woman through the pains of child birth and was extremely spiritual and relaxing. It was known as the ‘epidural’ of the ancient times and the women would move in a snake like fashion as a symbolic movement to ease the woman experiencing childbirth. Belly dancing brought to America all of these traditions and profound understanding of this ancient art form.

The dancing belly was first penned by the French when they saw the rising and the falling of the dancer’s mid section but in its essence, belly dancing brought to America it’s real name which is Raks Sharki; the Arabic name for the belly dance. Belly dancing brought to America a new way to entertain and enlighten while showing an elaborate way of movement and spirit brought together in one spectacular dance. This dance is the actually oldest known dances that are familiar to mankind all over the world and for this reason it seems that belly dancing holds many ancient secrets. The thought expands to what eras belly dancing has survived and seen as well as the questions about how old this dance truly is and where did it come from if the oldest place we can date it to is Egypt. Wouldn’t it be sensible to think that it may have originated in the orient since it was called in literal translation the Oriental dance? One day we may know the secrets that this magical dance holds but for now we’ll just enjoy what belly dancing brought to America.

Why is belly dancing so popular?

  • It is already a well known fact that these dance movements are an excellent prenatal exercise. They strengthen the muscles used during childbirth. They keep toned abdominal muscles that are used to rock the pelvic area. These are the same muscles that are used for child birthing as taught in prenatal classes. This style of dance will aid in successful natural child birthing, as the woman will have better muscle control. It also makes an excellent post-natal exercise, during those first weeks when caution is needed. All the movements work the muscles gently and effectively.
  • Many experts believe that belly dancing can prevent women from suffering from osteoporosis later in life. It also helps to burn a large number of calories while being a low impact type of exercise. Individuals that have bad knees will find this type of exercise is one that they can do without causing additional pain. In fact, it can help to strengthen the legs and further reduce the pain in the legs and knees.
  • Belly dancing is feminine, sensual and greatly increases your self-esteem. Belly dance loves the feminine body and allows it to shine in all its glory. You feel yourself different, definitely more attractive and your stress levels fade away. And for all those that just focused on losing weight, one hour of belly dancing burns about 300 calories.
  • Belly Dance results in much less physically exertion than most other types of exercise. It is really very low-impact, but effective; and is not at all like running or other types of aerobic exercise which require sustained, vigorously exerted movements of multiple body parts at the same time. Modern belly dancing has many eloquent elements that support gliding, natural movements.


Here are some sexy belly dancing moves:


This is the sexiest and simplest. All you need do is feel the joints of your hip, the shoulder and make a circle. Keep the ball of the foot planted on the ground and roll that hip joint, feel the fullness of that joint and pull it into your self. There are so many circles to explore in the joints of the body, just make sure you feel the full circle otherwise you are cheating yourself.

Figure eights

Stand with straight posture and your feet together. Be relaxed but not slumped over. Hold your arms away from your body. Imagine a rectangle around your hips. Bring your right hip to the top right hand side of the rectangle and then bring your hip to the bottom right side of the rectangle. Do the same thing with the left side. And bring your hips back to the center. Imagine that you are moving your hips in the fashion of a figure eight.

Chest circles

Stand in the same posture used for Figure Eights. Move your whole torso to the right, then to the left. Only your torso should be working. The chest lift completes the move. Using your stomach muscles and the muscles in the middle of your shoulders, push your chest up before moving your torso to the left.

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